Welcome to the CS@Mines Puzzle Challenge! This is a competition intended to challenge your ingenuity in problem solving. We invite you to participate!


  1. You may not receive assistance from others. The puzzles are intended to be completed by you and only you. You may not ask for assistance from others, regardless of whether they are participating in the competition or not. This includes family members and others on the internet.
  2. You may not give assistance to others. Likewise, we want these puzzles to be done by you.
  3. You may use the internet and other resources to your advantage. Some puzzles require extra research, so you should take advantage of any resources you can find.
  4. You may submit and resubmit until the end of the competition. If you need to resubmit, only your latest submission will be evaluated. Submissions after the competition deadline will not be counted.
  5. You may submit your answer for each puzzle as soon as you have competed it. In fact, submission times are important. See tie breaker information below.
  6. You will be ranked by the number of puzzles you correctly solve. Incorrect answers will not be counted against you.
  7. The competition is open to all students, faculty, and staff of the Colorado School of Mines. In other words, anyone who can use their MultiPass to get into the site. Prizes are only available for students.

Tie Breaking

Should you tie with someone else (that is, you solve the same number of puzzles as them), the tie will be broken by adding the submission times (in minutes since the beginning of the competition) of the correctly submitted solutions. The person with the lowest time will win the tie-breaker.

There does exist the rare occasion where adding the submission times is too close to call a tie-break. For this competition, we will not break the tie when the sum of minutes is within 5 minutes of the next-best participant. In this case, each of the participants will recieve the same rank and any prizes for that rank will be split between them.


There are currently no active competitions. See previous competitions for prior puzzles.